Top 10 Milagrow Tablets Price List

Check out the price list of Top 10 Milagrow Tablets in India. Mobikart brings to you all the latest Tablets from Milagrow to put an end to the curiosity of the tech fanatics who love to know about the best Tablets trending in the market.

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updated on 27th October 2016

Milagrow Tablets Price in India 2016

Top Milagrow Tablet Models Price
Milagrow TabTop MGPT02 8GB Rs.4,495
Milagrow TabTop MGPT02 4GB Rs.4,495
Milagrow M2Pro 3G Call 32GB Rs.16,954
Milagrow M2Pro 3G Call 16GB Rs.14,315
Milagrow M2Pro 3G Call 8GB Rs.6,990