Price List of Datawind Tablets Between Rs. 10000 and Rs. 15000 in India - 24th June 2017

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Datawind Tablets Price in India 2017

Top Datawind Tablet Models Price Mobikart Score
DataWind MoreGmax 4G7 Rs.4,399 70/100
Datawind Moregmax 4G7Z Rs.5,499 66/100
Datawind UbiSlate 7DCZ Rs.3,699 67/100
Datawind Ubislate 7CZ Rs.2,875 66/100
Datawind Ubislate 7DCX Rs.2,919 66/100
Datawind UbiSlate 7CX Rs.1,634 65/100
Datawind Ubislate VidyaTab Rs.2,050 66/100
Datawind Ubislate 7W 4GB Rs.1,899 66/100
Datawind Ubislate i3G7 Rs.4,725 66/100
Datawind Ubislate 7W 8GB Rs.2,899 66/100

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