Price List of 4GB RAM Mobile Phones in India 2017

More RAM's - More Speed! We bring to you the list of all 4GB RAM Mobile Phones with price in India. Mobile Phones with 4GB RAM provides efficient and smooth functioning. 4GB RAM Mobile Phones basically have Octa Core processor and are most powerful. Multitasking is easily possible in this type of Smartphone’s. You can also install heavy games on 4GB RAM Smartphones. The page contains a list of mobile phones with 4GB of RAM - Apple MobilesAndroid Mobiles and Windows Phones. Check out their reviews, specifications, features and many more at

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Smartphone apps and multimedia content is becoming heavy day by day. Everybody these days want to carry out hell lot of operations on his/her smartphone simultaneously. To address the need of best performance smart phones have come up with a new fast processors and more RAM. Today, adequate RAM’s and speedy processors have become the need. Currently, 4GB RAM Android mobiles will let you do all that you can imagine on your phone without even breaking a sweat.

If you are overly enthusiastic about multi-tasking and don’t want to change your Android smartphone for the next couple of years, then you must buy a 4GB RAM mobile. These 4GB RAM mobiles from various manufacturers come with different hardware specifications. Most 4GB RAM Phones also offer Octa-Core processor and a Fingerprint scanner which are the recent technological advancements. Many latest smartphones of 2016 offer a 4G VoLTE mobiles and big battery. So, select that mobile which suits your requirements very well. We have arranged a list of Android phones with 4GB RAM based on their price tag in the above list. This should make it easy for you to select any one of them based on your budget. Many popular brands like Samsung Mobiles, Xiaomi Mobiles, Huawei mobiles, Lenovo mobiles are launched with 4GB RAM.

The smartphone world is changing towards budget segment. People these days aren’t much lured to experience a high-end phones with high cost. Rather one would love to have a phone under 10000 or mobiles below 15,000 packed with 3GB RAM or 4GB RAM phone that can handle and big multitasking and like heavy gaming. So, choose from the above list of Best phones Under 20000 with 4GB of RAM and buy a mobile that caters to your needs, requirement and budget. 


Price List of 4GB RAM Mobile Phones in India 2017 2017

Popular Models Price
Samsung Galaxy C9 pro Rs.36,701
Turing Phone Cadenza Rs.55,999
Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 4GB RAM + 64GB Rs.12,999
Lenovo Vibe P2 Rs.17,999
Symetium Rs.39,500
Elephone S7 Rs.22,950
Umi Plus E Rs.25,499
Turing Monolith Chaconne Rs.59,999
Xiaomi Mi Max 4GB 128GB Rs.19,999
Lenovo Vibe K5 Note 4GB RAM Rs.12,499