Price List of OptimaSmart Dual-sim Mobiles in India

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OptimaSmart Mobiles Price in India 2017

Top OptimaSmart Mobile Models Price Mobikart Score
OptimaSmart OPS-35G Rs.2,699 68/100
OptimaSmart OPS-45Q Rs.5,999 71/100
OptimaSmart OPS-40GN Rs.3,099 67/100
OptimaSmart OPS-40G Rs.2,505 66/100
OptimaSmart OPS-50QX Rs.19,999 70/100
OptimaSmart OPS-Swift Rs.2,600 66/100
OptimaSmart OPS-80 Rs.2,349 70/100
OptimaSmart OPS 45QX Rs.5,899 70/100
OptimaSmart OPS-35GN Rs.2,895 67/100