Price List of Big Battery Mobiles in India 2017

Showing you a list of Top Smartphones with the Best & Longest Battery Life. helps you find the best local & online prices of Big Battery Mobiles currently on sale. Figure out the lowest price online and make the best buying decision. This list includes 3000mAh battery mobile phones, 4000mAh battery mobile phones, 5000mah battery mobile phones and more. You can research with HD photos, specifications, price history & compare phones too. Also view the complete list of Android phones, Windows Phone, Apple Phone with 4000mAh battery along with the price comparisons in India.

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Are you also one of those people who experience quick battery drainage? Do you also end up carrying your charger or powerbank wherever you go? Usually, a phone lasts a full work day with moderate use. But if you use it heavily, you'll need to recharge it more often. Moreover, the specter of losing battery -- and therefore losing your communication hub -- is frightening and real. Well, do not worry. We bring to you the possible options that pack massive batteries that too without shedding a lot of money.

Why Buy Big Battery Phones?
A smartphone with a large battery allows users the luxury to use their phones carelessly. However, one of the factors that tend to drain the battery faster is the display size of phone. With the dawn of Android, mobile screen size went on increasing. At one point in time, a mobile with a 4 inches screen size was considered more than enough. Slowly, Samsung wowed the world throwing a 5.7 inches display Smartphone (Galaxy Note 1). Other companies followed suit and at present, 5 inches screen size has become the standard size. Currently, smartphone users now prefer 4.5 to 5.5 inches phone displays.

Factors Responsible for Quick Battery Drain
A phone’s battery is often the weakest link in even the most powerful and really expensive smartphones. Other factors that are responsible for sucking the juice of your phone are higher resolutions, more processing capabilities and improved cameras. One can always tweak the settings, lower the brightness, and switch off data to get those few more minutes of backup time. But if the phone itself has a huge battery, it can last a bit longer, without making any sacrifices in terms of usability. Additionally, Android is a resource consuming OS requiring more RAM and CPU and hence is the more battery.

Buy Long Life Battery Mobiles

If a long-life battery tops your list of phone needs, check out our list of big battery mobile phones from all brands including Samsung mobiles, Micromax mobiles, HTC mobiles, Lenovo mobiles, Karbonn mobiles and others. Choose from our latest collection of long battery mobiles that offer all the features of an advanced Smartphone at very reasonable prices.


Price List of Big Battery Mobiles in India 2017 2017

Popular Models Price
Samsung Galaxy C9 pro Rs.36,899
Nokia D1C Rs.19,990
Turing Phone Cadenza Rs.55,999
Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 4GB RAM + 64GB Rs.12,999
Lenovo Vibe P2 Rs.17,999
Lenovo Vibe P2 3GB RAM Rs.16,999
Nokia Edge 2017 Rs.42,000
Symetium Rs.39,500
Samsung Galaxy On Nxt Rs.18,490
Nokia XpressMusic NX Rs.59,999