Best Selling OptimaSmart Mobiles Price List

Check out the price list of Best selling OptimaSmart Mobiles in India 23rd June 2017. Mobikart brings to you all the best selling mobiles from OptimaSmart to put an end to the curiosity of the tech fanatics who love to know about the best mobile trending in the market.

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OptimaSmart Mobiles Price in India 2017

Top OptimaSmart Mobile Models Price Mobikart Score
OptimaSmart OPS-35G Rs.2,699 68/100
OptimaSmart OPS-45Q Rs.5,999 71/100
OptimaSmart OPS-40GN Rs.3,099 67/100
OptimaSmart OPS-40G Rs.2,505 66/100
OptimaSmart OPS-50QX Rs.19,999 70/100
OptimaSmart OPS-Swift Rs.2,600 66/100
OptimaSmart OPS-80 Rs.2,349 70/100
OptimaSmart OPS 45QX Rs.5,899 70/100
OptimaSmart OPS-35GN Rs.2,895 67/100