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About Apple

Apple was commenced by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne; the US-based company had a very humble beginning in 1976. Apple is credited with reinventing the smartphone user experience. Apple Inc. is synonymous with ‘innovation’. Apple iPhones are known for its build quality, breathtaking design, and superb features. Most of the Apple iPhone users believe that it is the best smartphone in India as the brand- ‘Apple India’ has high loyalty among its customers. Today it has become the world's most admired companies known for pushing the boundaries in the personal computing space. 

Apple iPhones, the company again managed to change the entire smartphone space. The simplicity, consistency, wide apps collection, impressive camera performance, and accelerated performance help Apple to become the best smartphone in India. Apple phones have set a benchmark which has influenced other smartphone makers to follow their ongoing trends. Everybody from HTC to Sony to LG and of course Samsung Mobiles has many times taken inspiration from Apple's products when creating their own.

Unlike the players like Xiaomi Mobiles, Huawei Mobiles or OnePlus Mobiles that are sold exclusively online, Apple has witnessed the power of offline presence via Apple Stores. Unlike the other smartphone companies, Apple has its own platform called the Apple App Store.
One of the pros of Apple mobile phones is its long battery life that eliminates the need for charging the phone more often. Search, shop, enjoy Apple iPhones right away online using Mobikart.

Apple Mobiles FAQs

How are Apple iPhones different than other phones? Apple builds both, hardware and software. The apps on the Apple app store are built by the same code with the same base allowing smooth use. Apple phones are more upgradable software wise than other phones.

For how long can one expect software support from Apple?

Apple supports the handsets for at least 3-4 years. After this, the handset itself is discontinued. 

Does 3D Touch work in all iPhones?

3D Touch is an advanced feature innovated by Apple since iPhone 6S. This feature is available 6S and above. 

Is it worth getting Apple Care and Care+?

Apple care extends the normal warranty of the device by 2 years and Care+ gives extra protection against accidental damages.

Why do some people buy iPhones over Android phones?

Apple has created a brand value that others cannot beat. iPhones get immediate operating system updates and do not degrade easily. End of the day everything depends on their individual choice.  


Country: United States


Telephone: 000-800-100-9009


Best Selling Apple Laptops Price List 2017

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Apple MacBook - (8 GB/256 GB SSD/OS X Yosemite) MK4M2HN/A MK4M2HN/A Notebook(12 inch, Gold, 0.92 kg) Rs.99,900
Apple Macbook Pro Core i5 - (8 GB/256 GB SSD/OS X El Capitan) ME865HN/A Ultrabook(13.51 inch, SIlver) Rs.99,650
Apple MD760HN/B MacBook Air (Ci5/ 4GB/ 128GB Flash/ Mac OS X Mavericks)(12.87 inch, SIlver, 1.35 kg) Rs.60,693
Apple MD761HN/B MacBook Air (Ci5/ 4GB/ 256GB Flash/ Mac OS X Mavericks)(12.87 inch, SIlver, 1.35 kg) Rs.86,900
Apple MGX72HN/A MacBook Pro Notebook (Ci5/ 8GB/ Mac OS X Mavericks)(13.17 inch, Silver, 1.57 kg) Rs.94,900
Apple Core i7 - (16 GB/512 GB HDD/512 GB SSD/OS X Mavericks/2 GB Graphics) ME294HN/A Ultrabook(15.25 inch, SIlver) Rs.179,900
Apple MGXA2HN/A MacBook Pro Notebook (Ci7/ 16GB/ Mac OS X Mavericks)(15.25 inch, Silver, 2.02 kg) Rs.144,900
Apple MacBook MK4N2HN/A (Notebook) (CPU Core M-5Y10/ 8GB/ 512GB/ Mac OS X Yosemite)(12 inch, Gold, 0.92 kg) Rs.107,910
Apple MD760HN/A MacBook Air (4th Gen Ci5/ 4GB/ 128GB Flash/ Mac OS X Mountain Lion)(12.87 inch, SIlver, 1.35 kg) Rs.74,900
Apple MacBook MF865HN/A (Netbook) (CPU Core M-5Y10/ 8GB/ 512GB/ Mac OS X Yosemite)(12 inch, SIlver, 0.921 kg) Rs.93,144