How to Make Your iPhone Hack-Proof with These Settings

Since the launch of the first iPhone in the smartphone market, it has made its mark in the minds of people. Most people dream of owning the latest Apple mobiles because of the exciting features. And while that’s a good thing, most people are too negligent with the security of their phones. An iPhone getting hacked and personal data being invaded is a nightmare for all the users. Luckily, a few simple tweaks in the settings can make your iPhone hack-proof.

Turn Off Leaky Lock Screen Features

When notifications are received, a lot of apps, emails, and messages contain personal data which is displayed on the lock screen. While it is definitely a must to set a strong alphanumeric passcode for your iPhone, it is not enough. Even with Apple’s new Face ID unlock feature for iPhone X, it is better to make sure that your lock screen does not display information that you might not want other people to see, turn off the leaky lock screen features. To disable the features go to settings, Touch ID and passcode and enter your password. On the next screen that appears, you can turn off all the features you don’t want other people to see.

How to Make Your iPhone Hack-Proof with These Settings

Re-Set App Permissions

Most apps these days ask for access to data like contacts, photos, location, messages, etc. But in truth, not all apps require access to everything. Many apps do require data like location and contacts on your phone to make it easy and function faster. And without this data, these apps won’t be able to perform their main functions. On the other hand, some apps can function perfectly well without any access to private data. In settings under privacy, the features and data apps are displayed. Turn off the access to the apps that don’t require private data.

Backup Your Data

It is always best to backup all personal data on the iPhone to the iCloud. This is mainly because, when data is backed-up on the cloud it automatically encrypts all the data in the encrypted format. These encryption keys are never displayed or provide any information to third parties, ensuring that your data is safe. Start backing up data on the iCloud Backup page in the settings app. Backing up data is one of the easiest ways to keep the personal information on iPhone hack-proof.

How to Make Your Iphone Hack-Proof with These Settings

Make Use of Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication is a method of security that requires two different ways of proving your identity. Protecting your Apple ID which contains personal information with two-factor authentication is one of the best ways to keep your iPhone hack-proof. Moreover, with authentication, you can use one or more devices that will receive the six-digit verification codes. Under the password and security page in settings, turn on two-factor authentication to secure your iPhone.

Password manager

In this digital era, we have various online accounts. And with so many accounts comes the task of remembering all the passwords. A password manager helps in keeping a track of all the passwords. There are also numerous apps on the Apple Store that will store passwords, card and bank details, personal notes, private documents and much more. Though, iPhone comes with a built-in password manager called the iCloud Keychain. To keep all your accounts and iPhone hack-free, use the iCloud Keychain under the iCloud menu in settings.

Delete All Cookies

How to Make Your Iphone Hack-Proof with These Settings

When we surf the internet, we visit various websites without knowing that these websites take away information from your phone and remember your preferences. This is because, this information keeps us logged in, displays similar content to what we have searched for before and shows ads. To keep private information secure, it is best to delete cookies regularly. To do this, find the Privacy & Security option in the safari tab in settings and turn on the block cookies option.

Disable Autofill

The autofill feature on iPhones saves and automatically fills out personal information on websites. Even though it is absolutely convenient, it is not always secure. The autofill feature will allow anyone who has your phone to log in to your personal accounts. To turn off autofill find the General section in the Safari Tab under settings.


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